Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy Easter Holiday

 I have been Tangling (and quilting for my customers - so have been pretty busy) ... here is a sneak peek at something I am working on at the moment for a friend.  You can see here I have used my patterns Tadpegs, Swirly Blossom, Fern and Baby Fern as well as Zentangle patterns Fescu, Jetties, Finery, Printemps as well as Zinger, and I am sure by the time I finish, I will have used a whole heap more.

I am also working on a large project which I will be able to reveal soooon I hope.  I am not very good at keeping exciting stuff to myself.

On Saturday morning I did a short Adult Education Workshop for Beginners Zentangle and it was a great class - everyone enjoyed themselves and we had a fantastic venue with great light.

This is my baby - Jet - he loves to help me tangle and just has to see what I am up to. I'm sure he would hold the pen if he could!

I would like to wish everyone a great Easter holiday break and hope you have time to Tangle.   I will be back on line when I return from Melbourne where I am doing a number of classes as Michelle's Sewing Basket - I am also the guest speaker for the Australian Quilting Guild of Victoria - very excited about that!

Happy Tangling for now ... see you all soon ... Hugs Jane x


  1. Have a marvellous Easter and enjoy your [working] break. I look forward to the big reveal! (the teaser is gorgeous!).

  2. I love the zentangle you are doing for your friend. Wishing you a wonderful and Blessed Easter too!!!

  3. such a tease....looks like you have a very lucky friend.. it will look awesome.. I'm certain of that...

  4. I love the leafy, organic and springy look of your sneak peek. Just have to choose the right patterns, I guess.

  5. Wishing you a wonderful Easter Jane.