Sunday, 19 June 2011

Still Taking Leave - but wanted to Share This

 I needed a break from all that is Zentangle and Quilting ... so I picked up my coloured pencils (Prismacolor this time), a bottle of Zest It Pencil Blend and a journal that I had made from Fabriano Artistico Watercolour paper.

I had previously done a watercolour wash on all the pages with different colours and then spattered watercolour paint wash with a brush onto the pages - some I used rock salt as well.  This gave me a fantastic background to do some pencil paintings.

This is the front page ... you have to know that I did not have flowers to copy from ... I copied a line drawing and coloured from the heart, how I recall these flowers to look. So they may not be botanically correct.   That is okay - because it is a journal of my favourite flowers!
 This is a little way into the book ... on the Pink page.
The yellow page ... I love daisys

All of these Pencil Paintings were done with a base of colour, a layer of Zest It Pencil Blend and then more layers of colour. 

I have had a restful weekend doing what I love to do  - draw - with colour!

Okay ... see you all in a week or so.



  1. These are so lovely. I especially like the pink page with the Lily flowers!

  2. Thanks for a peek into your journal - it's really lovely - hope your time away is a treat for you.

  3. You are a serious artist! Have you ever taught watercolor?

  4. WOW! glad you took a break - stunning work! Now I have to look up "Zest It Pencil Blend", that is new to me. I'm missing my tangling time, working on wedding jobs (
    Looks like you are having more fun! Thanks for posting!