Monday, 19 December 2011

Mixed Media Postcard Swap 2012

Musings on Realities is having a 2012 Mixed Media Postcard Swap ... you make 10 mixed media postcards to send and you get 10 back.    

I am joining in this swap as it will give me something a little different to do over the holidays.  I have a couple of folders from when I was swapping ACT's - both fabric and fine art.    They are absolutely adorable to sit and browse through every now and again.  So Postcards will be added to my little collection.

Go and check out Shannon's blog post about it.



  1. I joined up for the swap as well, because I wanted a project to do with my Creative Paperclay. I was so surprised when I opened the email with my names, and yours was on the top of the list, lol! It's a small world!

  2. Hi Jane, I had your name as well. Did you ever receive my postcard? Hugs from Alaska, Sherry