Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Zentangle Inspired Quilting ... on DVD

 It is here .... I was very excited to receive this in the mail ... my DVD from Quilters Companion.   The magazine/DVD will be out this month.

I have a limited number of DVD's for sale - so let me know if you want one.   I will be able to post out at the end of January if you want one sent to you.

The DVD goes for almost an hour and a half !
EDIT:  DVD's are now listed on my web site Jane Monk Studio.
 I have also been back at the drawing board.  This time I have started a new "Journal" for 2012 and decided to go with the big A3 size Moleskein book with the beautiful Watercolour paper.
(297 x 420cm in metric or 11.69 x 16.54 inches for you Imperial users) 
This one uses my surname as the stringline - you can see it has gotten a bit lost in the tangling ... but a very cool way to draw a string line if you are lost for ideas!

Iam incredibly happy with this effort.  I still have to add shading ... so far this one has taken 22 hours

And I had to start another one last night -    3.5 hours of work to get to this stage.    This is my own modification to a number of fonts ... I really just go with the flow of how the letters feel.  They are all hand drawn, so are not going to be perfectly even - but I like it like that.

I will post this one in a few weeks time.

Happy New Year everyone ... Jane x


  1. Jane, ab fab as usual!!!! Maria

  2. Beautiful work, Jane. How much are your DVD's?

  3. Congratulations on the new DVD!

  4. Congratulations on the DVD. Will it be availible in Europe?

  5. Congrats, Jane! And your image posts are beautiful!! I especially love the feeling of the second (Monk) one. Those tangles are so wonderfully delicate. Carole

  6. Hi Jane Have just watched the DVD loved it so inspiring. Just one thing the samples and demos I kept wanting them angled up to the camera, couldn't see them properly. I loved the fully quilted table runner with the little tiles just beautiful and that one I especially was saying tilt it to the camera. I am off to play more in my journal and then onto the machine. Thank you for sharing you lovely art with us. Chris D

  7. I'm with Chris D!! Congrats Jane, thank you so much for opening up this style of art work, I love it! As a quilter, I bought the magazine, watched the dvd and sat mesmerised...I couldn't wait to start. My family is amazed that I created the pieces that I did yesterday...says alot for my level of artistry!!! My youngest son (10yo) was also interested so I sat through the dvd with him and then bought him a small lined notebook and pen this morning.

    Thank you again, I'll be adding your blog to my list.