Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Six Months of Unfinished Business Challenge

I have decided to spend the next six months finishing those unfinished projects that I have around the place.   Quilts, Drawings, Stitcheries, Dollmaking, Spinning etc.  I will be photographing them this week and deciding on my timeline for finishing ... anyone else want to join in the fun?


  1. Dear Jane,

    I will join in. I just finished a quilt from a kit I bought 12 years ago!! It was my first completely machine pieced and quilted quilt. Trying to finish off a very 1990's yellow and blue La Moyne Star quilt. Only a couple of pieces to go to finish the blocks. Hope to get the top finished in the next couple of weeks!! I am only allowing myself to start a new project with each finish.

  2. July 3rd 2012 11.05 pm
    Dear Jane

    I too will join in the finishing stuff challenge. I love my tangling but have been a quilter for 10 years now and decided this year is my 'finish off every quilt year'. I have been working on a quilt for 2 years now which I call the Wedding Quilt as it was to be a wedding gift. Well the wedding has come and gone and so has the first anniversary but this quilt is special so it is now an heirloom quilt. There are just over 3000 pieces in this quilt and it is all shades of blue. I have almost finished...so excited, but there are others waiting in the wings.