Wednesday, 22 August 2012

In Between Quilting...

 In between quilting for my customers, I have been taking my spinning to the next level ... weaving.

A short time ago (about two or three weeks) I learned about Saori weaving ... a freestyle form of weaving developed by a Japanese woman some years ago.  Although I do not own a Saori Weaving Loom, I did have access to a friend's Ashford Knitters Loom.   So I set about teaching myself to weave.

This is my very first attempt at weaving (in the Saori style - or any style for that matter!)

I have used my handspun yarn that is a 50/50 mix of Merino and Silk.  For the Warp, I used a commercially spun 45/55 Silk/Merino yarn.   The inclusions are the same yarn but unspun.
 It is so very very soft.
This is the second one I made .. it is slightly narrower.  I have used the same handspun yarn as the other scarf but have also included some of my handspun Merino/Silk/Alpaca blend that is white.

This has been such a wonderful achievement for me .. I love that I can take my own handspun yarn and make into fabric that I can use for anything I like.

My next project will be getting the old four shaft table loom, that I have had for about a year, cleaned up and working.   Then I can weave wider and longer lengths of fabric.  What fun!

Now back to the quilting and tangling ... have fun everyone!

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  1. Your weaving looks great - I will at some point this year get to grips with weaving - I keep mucking up with the warping threads