Thursday, February 27, 2014

White Wholecloth Quilt

 Yesterday I started a Wholecloth Quilt.  Using white Cotton Sateen as the quilt top and backing.   This one is for a King Sized bed, so it is quite large. I am also working on a Queen sized one but am still marking that out.

The first picture is the start.  The second picture shows what I have done on the first run across the fabric.  I will post more when I have done the centre piece which will be a lovely stem rose.

I have to say it is lovely to be quilting free style, just doing what I love :)


  1. LOVE IT!!! I would love to make a whole cloth quilt.

  2. Loverleeee All those pebbles.... Thats the type of wholecloth I would prefer very little marking.

  3. Thank you ladies ... yes little marking is good. Leeanne ... just do it ... lots of feathers and then background fill or not ... :)

  4. that is fantastic i make quilts as well but not like that still learning freestyle