Saturday, 11 December 2010

Introducing the Letter "J"

The Letter "J" is a very difficult letter to make look nice ... there are so many ways you can draw it but it still seems to be restricted - know what I mean?

Anyway .. this is my letter J, with 44 Zentangle patterns around the outside border.   The inside border is my own pattern/design - not published yet, and of course I have used my Tadpegs pattern inside the J.

The Illuminated letter setting (that is the way the page is set out) is from William Morris Designs.   I like how he made the outside borders different widths ... I will have to check out my Fibonacci numbers to see if this fits within it ... it does look pretty good.

I have shaded only some of the Zentangle patterns ... the difference is quite remarkable I think.


By the way ... I am posting over at my quilting blog - about the Zentangle for Quilters worskhop at Esmes last weekend - it was a blast.

Jane x

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  1. Love that inner border fact, I love the whole thing...would look better with an 'R' I