Sunday, 12 December 2010

Something Special to say thankyou.

Rayene's comment on my last post got me thinking ...  She said the letter R would look better on my illuminated letter.    Now you all know I have just started my own web site where I sell Zentangle products and promote my workshops in both Zentangle, Quilting and other Textile art.    So ... I have decided that I would have a "give away"   ... all you have to do is
1. visit my web site ,
2. sign up for my email notices and then (if you already have done this ... move onto step 3.)
3. post on your blog that you have done this. (if you are blogless ... leave me a comment here or put it on your Facebook)
4.  Leave me a comment that you have done this.
5. You will also get an extra chance if you sign up to follow this blog.

What you will have a chance of winning is ... an A4 sized Illuminated letter hand drawn by yours truly ... Any letter you choose ... so you will have to give me time to draw it before posting.  These things can take me anywhere between 6 to 10 hours of drawing time.

Who knows I might even draw two!

Draw will be done on 20th December 2010 - by 10am Tasmanian time  (this is a special date for me because it is when I met my husband - sweet I know!)


  1. well, yu'd better start practicing those 'R's Jane...I'm now a member....lolol

  2. Have follow the instructions my blog is fairiesrmequilting/

  3. I just may be on your email wonder how easy a 'C' would be....but then you could easily do blog chriseequilting/

  4. Signed up for your email a while ago... and visit your blog daily. I must work on designing a Zentangle blog. (I don't do FB). LOVE your illuminated "J"!

  5. Hi Jane have followed your instructions now on your mailing list and responding here as without a blog.

  6. Hello,

    I'm all signed up for the newsletter! I'm blogless (love that word, by the way), so I'm responding here.

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  7. Wow! You are getting all over the internet now! Must be because you do awesome work. And I'm so happy that K is the prettiest letter, since I'm sure that's the initial you will be doing for me!

  8. Hi there Jane! Have done what you asked and signed up to follow both this site and your blog. Would love to be the winner of this beautiful piece of art work. I love Zentangle and have been quilting since the late seventies. There are just not enough hours in the day. Know the feeling?