Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Molly's a Star Tangler

A little while ago I taught a 12 year old young lady how to Zentangle.   She doesn't have access to an art room as she does school by distance education.  We spent a morning together and I showed her a whole heap of Zentangle patterns - she was a very very quick learner!

This is what she made for her Mum on Mother's Day - isn't it absolutely wonderful.   I think she has used a micron and the Staedtler Triplus fine liners to draw this piece.   It is beautiful - well done Molly!

What do you all think about this - don't you love the stars ....

Happy tangling for now .... Jane x


  1. Wow, it's beautiful! Molly did a great job!

  2. you've started a monster Jane...everything in site gets zentangled and she's even coming up with her own new patterns...she just loves drawing...this blog is in her favorites on her puter...lol

  3. I'm glad Raylene ... Molly is a natural - she took to it like a duck to water! Send me more pictures - we'd love to see what she is up to! Hi Molly!

  4. That is a wonderful piece! Well done teacher and very well done student. Great to have an other enthousiast hooked!

  5. Nice design and elegant linework - be sure to pass along my congratulations, please! *G* Gotta encourage these young artists; life puts enough negative in front of them!

  6. Jane, my 12-year-old should meet your Molly. They sound so much alike. Ask her if she would like to swap ATCs with my Birdie. She is really into that right now. (There is a Yahoo group: Zentangle Inspired Art that we use.) She can see some of Birdie's work on my blog: TangledUpInArt.blogspot.com.

    Keep teaching those kids. They are the best.