Monday, 9 May 2011

My Mooka Pod & some inspiration

 Please ... a drumroll for Mooka Pod!

I have been very inspired by Rick & Maria's Mooka pattern and have come up with this variation I call Mooka Pod.   There is no shading on this yet, but it is only a little piece of art - not even as long as a Micron pen.
 It started out like this ... playing around with Mooka ... I really really like this - did I say that already  - lol!
 Last week was AGFEST here in Tasmania ... a very very large (by Australian standards) Agricultural show.  I couldn't resist snapping a shot of these ferns ... do they look a bit Mookerish to you?

 And for my inspiration ... this is my weekend view sometimes ...heaven!
 The kitties like it too.
They always want to go outside ... and spend quite a bit of time out on their harness and leads.

And yesterday it snowed - on Mother's Day no less!  What a perfect ending to a lovely day.

Happy Tangling for now everyone ... Jane x


  1. I really like your Mooka Pod! GREAT tangleation!

  2. Gorgeous Mooka Pod! As a Mooka addict... I've got to try this one out straight away. Thx for sharing!! :-)

  3. love the mooka pods!! love 'em!!