Sunday, 23 October 2011

New Tangle with a different string

 This is an A4 sized tangle - letter size for you Americans.
I wanted to do a tangle using my name as the string, so with my pencil I drew Jane on the landscape plane and Monk on the portrait plane.  You can just about see it now the tangle is finished.   I had fun doing this one.  
You can see here it is done in ink but not yet shaded.
This one is shaded ... I just love the magic that shading gives a drawing. 

Have a go at using your own name as a tangle.   This would also make a great gift, using the recipient's name - very cool I think!

Hope you all have a wonderful week tangling!  Jane x


  1. Wow! Beautiful work! Thank you for your comment in my blog site.

  2. Thank you ... and you are welcome!

  3. Your tangles are sensational. Would you please explain to me the meaning of a "landscape plane" and a "portrait plane"? I've tried Googling these terms and come up with nothing I can understand.

    1. Portrait is tall (normal way most people use paper) Landscape is along the width of the paper. Turn your tall pape on it's side (short and wide)

  4. These are so great! I'm having a hard time finding your name. I see the M and the JA. I'm going to try it with my name and see what happens! Thanks for sharing your talent :)