Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I've been playing in my Journal

 I have been having fun with some ideas for String Lines ...  these ones are all running parallel horizontally and I have drawn a message in them, tangled the outside border.   These would be a great little gift tag or something like that for someone special.   Think of Christmas messages for your presents to those who are special to you.  (note here:  I celebrate Christmas, but if you dont' you could use the idea for your special celebrations throughout the year)

You could really go to town with these, what fun!
 And I have been quite immobile over the past week or so as a result of the SLE (lupus) that I have ... so I have been playing with my journal trying to cheer myself up! My hands can sometimes be quite wonky, so using watercolours help to make things look good.

This is something I truly believe - if you dream it, you will make it come true!  Dreams are the impetus to drive us forward to achieve that which we crave.   I used to dream of a little cottage overlooking the water and mountains when I was young ... for the past 12 years that is exactly where I have lived.  And I am sure I have seen my husbands face in my dreams before I met him!

It all comes down to Happiness ... it is life's contentment that makes me happy.  What about you?
 And here I loved playing with letters ... some styles are inspired by those I have seen in calligraphy books.   I am not a calligrapher, but sure would like to be able to turn a nice letter.
 Hmmmm ... thinking about all things fishing and my husband's story on how big the fish was that took his hook.
 Flowers, who doesn't love them with their glorious colours.
 And we all need sunshine in our lives.
Look ... more word strings ... almost all coloured in. 

Well ... I hope you are having a great week wherever you are.  I love Journalling in my down times as they make me take a look at how I am travelling and where I would like to head on my next adventure here at home!

Happy tangling for now ... Jane x


  1. Jane,

    I love the isea of word strings ... great filler quilting idea too ... with messages for the recipient of special quilts.

    Judy B

  2. I enjoyed the peek into your journal pages. I especially liked the page with the letter "a" samples.

  3. Thank you for an amazing post. Your journal pages are an inspiration and not quite as "heavy handed" as many I have seen. I like your style!

  4. What a great post! It's really fun to take a peek into someone else's journal and you've got some fun stuff goin' on here. I too am not a calligrapher but love a beautiful letter and your "A" sketches send me into a creative tizzy!

  5. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well! Your journal pages are inspiring to me! Thanks for sharing them with us :-)