Friday, 24 February 2012

International Postcard Swap

 My postcards for the International Postcard Swap are winging their way off to their respective should all have them soon I hope.   One to Australia, one to the Netherlands, one to New Zealand, one to Canada, one to Singapore, and five to the United States.    I didn't realise we would be sending them to different people from the ones we receive :(   I like to think that I have swapped with one person - you know reciprocated, but not to mind, I'm sure they are going to lovely homes.

I will post a picture of the ones I have received when they have all arrived.

Thanks to Shannon for hosting this swap.  You can see Shannon's blog here Musings on Realities
I also made one for myself - you can see the back of it here in this picture.  I always like to keep one of mine with the swap.


Jane x

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