Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A little something for my Husband

This is A3 size (19x11inches) ... I did this over the holidays for my husband ... well it is in my journal for our family to look at.

There are five little trout drawings in this picture ... can you find them?  (hint ... the are in the bottom half of the drawing).

Happy tangling for now ... Jane x


  1. This is something that just makes my heart feel young again. Thank you Jane for sharing this.

  2. Hi Jane!
    I just discovered your blog by re-pinning one of your tangles on Pinterest, and had to come and check it out first-hand! I LOVE your name posters - they are absolutely fabulous! I had just started making one for my daughter the other night, but was not at all happy with my results, so I tossed it... Now I'm thinking I may try again, using yours as a model/inspiration! I love the black name with the white tangles all around - it looks so classy!

    I wanted to let you know that I posted a link to your blog and your "Monk" image in a Zentangle-inspired digi-scrap challenge I am hosting, here:!-Febuary-Mystery-Challenge-is-HERE!

    So you might get a few visitors here to ooh-and-aah over your gorgeous work. :)

  3. Jane - I love your web site and blog! Can't wait to get your DVD; Mum is sending it over to me!

    How did you get interested in Zentangle? I got a kit for Christmas (one of those very directed presents...DH What do you want for Christmas? Me: "Here's a link to the actual gift on the website." Fortunately for me there was no computer glitch. Started to work on tangles myself and then when we came down to Florida for the winter, I was lucky to find out about a class in town. Am absolutely hooked. I am not "very artistic" but find myself being quietly proud of my tangles - the most artistic I've ever been. I want to become proficient at tangling on paper and then move to tangling on fabric. I am also learning to free motion quilt - that is harder for me. However my trusty new Bernina 440 is getting a work out!

    Have just read your blog from newest to oldest - I love seeing how you have developed your tangling skills, and I find your tangle designs very appealing. Hope you get that area of your website up soon. I want to learn your tangles -

    Thanks for sharing your skill and enthusiasms! They are inspiring.


  4. Amazing what you did here with your name, very very beautiful! love 'n greetz, Ellen