Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Don't you love a good Edge to Edge?

I have had a busy weekend ... doing not much at all - lol!  Don't you have weekends like that, we need them to regenerate our creative resources so we can get on and do what we want and need to do.   Currently in my Quilting Room I am working on a Custom Quilt and will be able to show some pictures in a week or two!  In the meantime, I will bring you some other quilts I have done in the past.  

This lovely kaleidoscope quilt from one of my customers "K" came to life with this E2E quilting I did on it.  I used a white Superior So Fine thread. 

Edge to Edge quilting, otherwise known as Pantograph quilting or Allover quilting.   Sometimes it is the simplicity of a repetitive pattern that just makes a quilt look finished. 

Here is the back ... although there was a little backlight coming into the photo, you can still see the lovely little design.

So until next time ...
Happy Quilting & Tangling ... Jane x


  1. Love your work, Jane. What weight of So Fine do you use on the longarm?

  2. Hi Lee ... thanks so much. I use a 50weight, and usually use the same in the bobbin, unless I am using Bottom Line. I mostly use Superior Threads as my machine likes them, and I love the look of them also.