Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's April already....

 Meet the beginnings of The Spindlemaker, The Jester, The Witch and The Butler.    These are four polymer clay/fabric dolls that I am in the process of making.   I must admit that I am new to polymer clay, but have made quite a few needle sculpted fabric dolls.   I am really loving the process of polymer and how much detail you can achieve.  These guys will stand between 18 and 24 inches tall, it's all based on their head size, because we are mostly 7.5 head heights tall.

I made hands and feet for each one too ... making the hands was so much fun.

And this is what is inside them, of course the armature wires were bulked out with alfoil and covered with tape before I added the clay.

Now to bake them, put the rest of their armature bodies together and clothe them.

I have also been busy quilting a big custom quilt for one of my lovely customers.  I hope to be able to show some photos of this next week.  And tangling is never too far away, always a little bit here and a little bit there.  

I have almost hit 200,000 hits on this blog - thanks everyone for visiting, commenting and generally being here.  I might have to have another giveaway soon.   So, until next time .... Jane x

ps sorry about the layout .. I can't get blogger to behave with this post.


  1. how neat! i love the characters.... they have such personality

  2. Jane, these are fabulous!!! can't wait to see where you take them. Maria