Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The next OOAK art doll installment

 I thought I would show you all the next stage of making these Polymer dolls.  They are OOAK (One of A Kind) Art Dolls - individually hand made by me.   The four dolls now have their armature, with one having her padding and starting to get clothing.  I just love the tights!
This one has her "walking stick" that is a little creature all on his own.   The wire is still sticking out of that as I will be putting beading embellishments on it.

The fun thing about dollmaking is that you use every skill you have ever learnt.  I am a self taught "artist", all the skills I use I have taught myself - however - I use other artists books to do that.  Without the research I do into techniques and products - I could never reach this stage so quickly.  So a big thank you to all those artists who publish books to share their work.

I hope you are enjoying the OOAK Art Doll journey with me.

I already have my next doll in progress on paper at the moment - it will be something deliciously tangly related - you'll love it!

Happy tangling and quilting for now....Jane x

Edit to add:   I haven't forgotten about the Giveaway .. I will have it next Tuesday 24 April ... I will be giving away a Zentangle wallet, together with some tiles and micron pen.  It is handy to keep in your bag for spontaneous tangling!

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  1. Your an all rounder Jane, I'm enjoying seeing your diversity. Clever girl!!