Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Running behind

HI everyone ... sorry for no posts for awhile.   I now have a new computer but I have lost about two years worth of photographs ... including all my Zentangle drawing and quilts.   Although I have a suspicion that they might all be on my iPod so have to investigate how to get what is on there back onto a hard drive.   I thought I had done back ups, in fact, I had done back ups....unfortunately the backup was not complete.  It pays to check everything.   Even lost all the work I had done for my tax return this year .... so I have to do that all again - yuck!  Once is bad enough, twice is terrible.

I will be back to normal postings next week I hope.  I have had a couple of weeks sick with the flu and absolutely nothing got done other than a bit of spinning because I could sit and do this without thinking too much.     (I am also taking part in Ravelry's Tour de Fleece again this year....it is held in support of those wonderful cyclists who take part in the Tour de France).  If you want to catch up with me on Ravelry, my name is Tassiescrumbler.

Customer quilting is happening this week again, with business back up ad running, so if you need to book in a quilt, give me a call. 

Happy creating until next week xx

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  1. Hi Jane. Sorry to hear about your computer problems. Your work is an inspiration-it's a shame to lose all those photos. Do you know what exactly went wrong with the old computer? If it wasn't hard drive failure, the hard drive can be removed and put in an enclosure and easily connected to the new computer via USB and your work, including photos, can be accessed quite easily. Just a suggestion.
    Good luck with the new one,