Friday, 8 February 2013

Give Away ... CLOSED

Thank you everyone for playing .... With over 2000 views of this post and only 22 comments ... some double ups ... I have decided to close the giveaway tonight.   Okay ... I decided to have two giveaways ... one for the FB page comments and one for the Blog comments. I have done it the old fashioned way ... printed out all names and asked my son to pull the names out of a bowl ....


the winners are ......

with no favoritism,

all above board,

no correspondence entered into,

results are final :)

wait for it ....

Jo Newsham and Sharon Payne

Congratulations ladies ... .send me a pm with your snail mail address and I will get them out in the post to you :)

Thanks for playing everyone.

Jane xx 

I have noticed that there has been nearly 301,000 visits to this blog ... it is time for a giveaway to thank everyone for their visits, liking my page and comments.

This is a print of an original Zentangle Inspired Fine Art piece I did in 2011.  It is one of my favourite pieces.   This piece is A3 sized which is about 11 x 17 inches for those of you using imperial measurements.

You will need to leave me a comment with your FB page or Blog Page telling me that you have shared this giveaway with your friends on your page. 

Cheers for now ... Jane ... xxx


  1. Oh Jane. Surely first in should win!! Great opportunity to own some of your awesomeness!

  2. I have happily shared your work and your blog address.
    This is a print of an original Zentangle Inspired Fine Art by JANE MONK would live very happily in my studio.

  3. More than happy to share all that you do Jane! Now, I'm hoping I'm not confused! lol I leave a comment here as well as on your FB page and also share on my FB page. That's what I will do and would love to win! I bought my first lot of Zentangle tiles and stuff from you quite a while back and use the bookmark you sent with my order every day in my diary. :) Cheers, Jan x

  4. Hi Jane, good to see you back on FB, I have share this amazing zentangle on fb with comment and ....also commented here. I hope you get lots of orders for your art and become famous in your own time.

  5. I would love to have a chance to win this lovely piece. I will post your link on my blog straightaway. Alas, I am breaking away from FB.

  6. My beautiful feather print would love this companion! Gorgeous! I shared on my FB page:!/fuzzystinkerton Yay!

  7. Shared on FB. :) That would be a lovely piece of art to win, Jane. FIngers crossed.

  8. As always your work is awesome. I would be most happy to share your beautiful work. ♡

  9. That's a beautiful piece, Jane. I posted a link in my Weekly Roundup which just went live.

  10. Beautiful work! Always amazing and an inspiration! I posted the link to my FB page.

    I'm kind of curious, though, about where the people who posted live where it is already Feb. 9! Australia? (Feb. 9 is my birthday). :)


    1. Ahh... I see - the date/time thing is off. Got it! LOL!

  11. hi jane, i shared about your great giveaway on my personal FB wall, and on my FB page The Creator's Leaf :) congratulations on all your reads/hits!

  12. so happy to share your beautiful work - love your style and compositions..

  13. That is the most beautiful zentangle I have ever seen for sure. I would look great on my wall!! About to share on FB

  14. Hi Jane,
    Once again a beautiful zentangle, A give away.I must try this to ask have a collection of simple pieces.I am looking forward to meeting you on my trip to Tasmania..Cheers Sue

  15. Congrats, Jane on another blog achievement! I posted your link to my facebook page, Tangled Ink Art. I love this piece....gorgeous!

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  17. Wow! The print is phenomenal. I am just getting started with Zentangles am amazed at the work out there. Wow, all I can say is WOW!!!
    I posted this page on Facebook!

  18. That is absolutely a gorgeous piece!!!!

  19. This was one of the pieces I saw when I first started Zentangle... it was one of the things that inspired me to become a CZT... I want to thank you for all you have done to make me a better artist. You ROCK Jane Monk!

  20. This is some amazing artwork. I admire all your artful endeavors.

  21. As usual you are amazing. Everyday I am excited to see what you post. I missed you when you had to take a break glad you are back. And BOY are you back!!!!! Bravo!!!