Monday, 4 February 2013

Inspirational Stitching - and Maelo the Elf

 It is done ... I have done a very basic stitch on these and love the feel of the cloth once it is stitched.  I also love how the edges of the linen has curled up, I could add multiple squares of linen and it would curl up to look like a flower ... something to try next week I think :)
So this piece will become a cushion cover and I will make another to match.   I have really enjoyed the rhythmic motion of hand stitching and the feel of natural fibres in my hands.   

I also spent the weekend doing some more drawing in my A4 sized Moleskein journal.  These are the times when I come up with ideas for different things I want to try.   I have been mulling over how to finish off my large OOAK doll and his clothing.   I think I will be hand stitching motifs into the felted vest which I made from washed raw wool is a beautiful natural colour.  Hmmm, I can imagine all the lovely hand stitched patterns I can put into this. 

Here he is  "Maelo" the elf.   He is also waiting for his hair to be plaited, amongst other parts of his attire that need finishing.  He is gorgeous though and stands at around 4 and a 1/2 feet tall.

The days are not long enough :)

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  1. The cushion looks great! As, of course, does Maelo. :)