Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bookplates and some colour

 There are lots of things you can do with Zentangle drawings ... this one is destined to be a Book Plate for the front of my books I think ... it has some of my favourite Zentangle patterns ... I especially love Marasu (my variation of it because I add those tendrils so it looks like a sea creature).  Oh and 'Nzeppel ... you can get some really great curves out of that pattern, and of course there is "Zinger" down in the right hand corner ... I use this one a fair bit too.

And here is Marasu again ... about 4 weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a whole set of Derwent pencils in a beautiful wooden case and had been playing with them.

In this drawing I have used Derwent pencils to colour the background squares, used Staedtler Triplus fineliners to draw Zentangles in them with matching colours, used a beautiful Matisse Ink to paint the background of the Marasu pattern (those three Zentangles) and then a Pigma Micron to draw in the Zentangles.   Lots of mediums here ... then one of my friends directed me to this web site where Australian artist Loretta  Grayson does the most amazing art work ... I'm not even sure she knows about Zentangle ... but wow - worth checking it out.... ... sigh ... mine pales in comparison really.   I need some more vibrancy in the colours, so I think I will get the Derwent Inktense pencils out and give them a workout soon.  I really like the idea of her methods, using pastels and marking the texture in with a stylus...definately food for thought there.

Okay hope you all have  a great tangling weekend ... I'm going to be out of blogland for a few days while I prepare for my three workshops in Sydney ... I can't believe they are next week ... time has snuck up on me once again.    Happy Tangling ... Jane x


  1. These are gorgeous, Jane. I have always wanted to design a bookplate. I wanted to give you the background of the tangle marasu. It is named after my 3 sisters, Madeleine, Rachel and Suzanne. When I was very young, they taught me to weave these little coils of yarns in a big spool with nails on the top. After we would wind them around sew them together and make little "doilies" or hotplates or just "things". Such lazy day fun..... anyway, this tangle reminded me of just what they looked like. Maria

  2. Oh Yeah....I forgot to say what I really wanted to say....that I LOVE the sea creature thingies that the marasu became. They actually look like they are slithering around on the bottom of some fancy resort beach. So cool.....M

  3. Oh Maria ... that is so funny because I usually do Marasu in threes ... thankyou for the background - I Love to hear where you guys get your pattern ideas from. Cheers Jane x

  4. scrumptious drawings as usual Jane...the sea creature looking thingies are one of my favorites too..