Friday, 11 March 2011

Zentangle Meets Origami at Jane Monk Studio

As promised ... I have been making some beautiful Origami boxes and some photo frames.

I had some A3 sheets of paper that I had printed some of my Zentangle drawings onto.  Rather than waste this paper, I decided to use it to make Zentangle Origami Boxes ... they are beautiful and quite useful too!   The thicker white ones with lids at the back are going to be Zentangled too ... I used heavier card stock to make these.   

And some "mini" Zentangles ... these are just wonderful, quick and simple to make.   I made these ones whilst waiting at the doctors yesterday - would you believe for two hours!  Not like I have anything else to do:(   

We are enjoying the last vestiges of Summer today ... even though we are in Autumn and have had a few days of very wintery weather ... I love Tasmania! Happy tangling for now ... Jane


  1. Oh my! These make beautiful boxes, don't they?!

  2. think you are onto a winner here Jane...I LUV this idea..soooo cute..
    at least you achieved something whilst waiting for the doctor..they never cease to amaze me, thinking that it is OK to keep people waiting that long...why cant they ring before hand and say they are behind schedule ?..or better still...not overbook themselves..grrr

  3. TWO HOURS waiting !!! that is totally unreasonable - I think you should send him/her a bill for 90 minutes of your professional time.

    I have this feeling that 30 minutes could be reasonable, if someone before you (or 2 or 3 people) have special problems that take a little bit extra time.

    BUT I once had a brilliant doctor who not only wrote up her notes whilst you were there - so you could check them yourself - but ALSO set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes when you walked in.
    If I had to wait for her, I knew she'd had an emergency earlier.

    I now have a totally efficient dentist. Appointment 3pm - in you go at 3pm - out you come at 3.29pm + the magazines in the waiting room are all the latest editions - not that you have time to read them !

    Vote One for professionalism in ALL Professions.

  4. Can you tell me the measurements of your mini tiles? And what kind of paper did you make them out of?

    1. One more thing, what font do you use in this very cute blog?