Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A Tantalising Tease

What wonderful things happen when Origami and Zentangle meet ...  hopefully I will have some pics for you in the next few days ...

I am getting ready to go to New South Wales for my three x two day workshops.

The first is with Sandi in Cambelltown ... Thursday 24 and Friday 25 March - This is a 2 Day drawing intensive workshop ... learn lots of Zentangle patterns, a bit of colour, how to utilise Zentangle patterns in your art and journalling ... fun fun fun.  Sandi may have one or two spaces left ... go to the Zentangle Calendar link above for contact details if you are interested.

Next I will be in Penrith, New South Wales on Saturday 26 and Sundy 27 March 2011
This is a Two Day Zentangle for Quilters workshop ... you will learn how to draw Zentangle patterns and reproduce those drawings in stitch on fabric .... a great workshop for your free motion quilting skills, and you get to create some great art as well.    If you are interested in this class, contact me and I can put you in touch with Michelle who is hosting.

Lucky last on my New South Wales quick trip is off to Orange where I will be doing another 2 day Zentangle drawing intensive.    There might even be a heap of school children that I get to show how to Tangle for an hour or so during this week - Children love to Tangle and are so wonderful at it, so I am hoping this will happen.

Then I am back home getting ready for the Adult Education Zentangle class on the 17th of April,  then off to Melbourne for two days classes at the end of April with Michele's Sewing Basket and also where I will be the guest speaker at the Australian Quilting Guild - looking forward to that.

You can see all my classes up on the top of my blog at Zentangle Workshop Calendar.

I am also planning some Zentangle Retreats in the Highlands of Tasmania towards the end of the year ... so more on that soon also!

until then happy Tangling....Jane


  1. You are one busy Lady! It makes me tired just listening to your schedule.

    I am looking forward, very much so, to whatever you post about combining Zentangles and Origami. Sounds delightful!

  2. Dear Jane,
    Your boxes and your recent Zentangles are beautiful. I just received my first Zentangle kit, and I created my first drawing this morning. It is so much fun. I am also a longarm quilter, and I look forward to incorporating some of my ideas in my quilting. Thanks for the inspiration.