Thursday, 14 July 2011

You may have been wondering...

Hi there ... you may have been wondering where I have been and what I have been up to.

I know this sounds awful but I needed a Zentangle Break.  I have been Zentangled out!   I was writing up and drawing for my Zentangle Book, however, when the publisher sold her business and I was asked to sign a new contract with the new publisher - I declined.  The main reasons are because I felt I didn't want to give my work away for such a low monetary value, although I believe this is normal.  I also didn't want to do "projects".    I just want a book of my art in the Zentangle style, more like a coffee table book.  I have created and modified a number of alphabets all decorated with tangles.  I choose only to use the official Zentangle patterns and my own patterns - with a couple of exceptions and one is BTLjuice by Sandra Bartholomew  (I hope she doesn't mind).  Anyway ... with no publisher ... this project will sit on the backburner almost complete, but with more being added a drawing at a time. 

The other thing is that I am a professional machine quilter and I needed to get back to quilting quilts.  I only like to quilt three or four days a week due to my health restrictions.  If I do too much I get tired and start to get flare ups of my autoimmune disease I have learnt to take it slowly.

You may have noticed, I have also been revisiting my old drawing styles, portraiture in graphite and coloured pencil "painting".   I love pencils ... if I could earn a living from drawing, I would do it full time.  Commission work is hard to find.

So there you have it ... I hope to put up some freebee projects for you guys ... I have a couple of simple cute things you can make to show off your Zentangle drawings and you can share them with your kids too!  So bear with me, I'll be back posting soon.

Cheers for now


  1. It's nice to hear from you - welcome back to the blogosphere! Your work is so lovely, you deserve a contract that you feel good about. I have no doubt you will find a better fit.
    - Janice

  2. Thank you both for these lovely comments ... I'm still here, just contemplating things for awhile!