Sunday, 17 July 2011


 I spent the weekend playing with pencils ... love!

This is a tulip I drew with Prismacolor pencils in my "flower journal" .... my first real attempt at drawing water droplets.   The first layer is blended with Zest It.

A beautiful alpaca drawn in Graphite.  I loved that he had a bit of straw sticking out of his mouth - vcute!

Just had approval to use this beautiful boy's name
"Middle Earth Gandalf "    .... now isn't that special for a beautiful white Alpaca.


  1. Love the expressive line quality and the close up focus on this expressive face! Beautiful drawing!

  2. The tulip looks great, Jane. And you really captured the alpaca's expressive face.

  3. hi Jane i really love your drawing, especially the Alpaca.


  4. Thanks everyone - specially to you Molly!

    I am remembering that it is more about what you don't draw than what you do in capturing the essence of a thing/being.