Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Cat is so sad

This is Jet, you may have seen him before on my blog - this is the face I get when I won't let him eat my crochet thread .... he really wants to run off with the whole lot and bat it around the room.


  1. Oh, he is so cute!!! How I love kitties.

  2. Oh boy, he sure is giving you the evil eye Jane. Very cute.

  3. His eye is same as evil eye. But in short it looks very beautiful and superb photograph, really very cute.

  4. Jet: "Aw, go on, gimme the yarn!"
    Jane: "No."
    Jet: "Pleeeeeeeeze?!!"
    Jane: "Still no."
    And that's when you get "the look". Exasperation and frustration, love it:)

  5. My parents have two cat one in totally white, and one is same as yours. Our family members really enjoy to play with cat. These both cats does 't need lots of caring.
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