Friday, 19 August 2011

What you do in class

I was in Adelaide last week attending a class with an International Quilting Teacher (Sharon Schamber).   While she was talking and showing us how she makes her quilts on the longarm (and they are magnificent quilts) ...  I tangled my page with my own quilting designs and feathers ... all in a very Zentangle style of course!

I find that drawing whilst listening to someone in a lecture or meeting ... assists my ability to recall what I have heard later on.  My learning style is definately not auditory!

Now I am going to have to quilt these little drawings to see how beautiful they look!

Hope everyone has a tangling good weekend.   Jane x


  1. I really like what you ended up with in your doodling. I like the bubblesand the fernery together, works well.
    I'm the same. i have a little black book I take with me to do tangles in while waiting, listening or to stop being bored!

    can you tell me when the workshop is in October please? I live in Victoria. Thanks

  2. just passing thru....lovely work!