Thursday, 1 September 2011

Other Things I do

 Crocheting ... I have been doing this since I taught myself (with the help of my big sister Anne)  in 1997.  I love lace crochet mostly and have made some really large pieces of cotton thread crochet (tablecloths).   These are two little bags I made while sitting in front of the Television last night - can't keep those hands still and if I do they will cease up!
 Crochet fingerless hand mitts - my own pattern - very warm and comfy (secretly my husband wants a pair).
 I also started spinning about two months ago and have been enjoying this ... I have found I love to spin laceweight yarn ... I guess that is because I love to crochet laceweight style.  I have an old Ashford Traditional spinning wheel which I got from a local market ... I am glad it has a nice home where it is appreciated and used a lot.
During July when the Tour de France was on ... Ravelry (an online fibre community) have their Tour de Fleece - everyone spins and challenges themselves on the tour challenges and gives themselves virtual yellow jersey's if they feel they deserve it - all a lot of fun.   This is a little bit of what I did - yes I also have learnt to spin on a spindle which I love.   My spinning has improved a lot - these pictures are of my first lot of spinning.   I am an insomniac and now love to spin in the middle of the night - that rhythmic whirr of the wheel can put me to sleep!

Usually during the weekdays I am a longarm machine quilter and quilt for other people (you can see more at my blog

I was working during the weekends but found this to be too difficult both physically and mentally - so now I only do around 4 days a week if I can.  One day a week is left for doing chores and things I have to do to keep the house running.  You know what I mean ... cleaning, shopping, washing etc etc.  The older we get, the longer these things take to do.  I am good at procrastination too!

But the weekends are mine to be with my family and play ... I choose between tangling (yes I still do this and will post some more soon);  drawing with coloured pencil and graphite (an old love of mine); crochet (very easy to put down and pick up where you left off even if it was months ago); spinning fibre (a very new love) and I still quilt for myself occasionally and am in the process of putting together some projects at the moment.

In the words of singer James Blunt "My life is brilliant".   Having SLE (lupus) makes me plan my time better (especially around the days I have the heavy drugs) and focus on what is important to me.     So I say make time for the little things that make you smile, even if it is just sharing a minute or two with someone special to you.

So for now I would like to show you one little blog that makes me smile everytime I go and read it ....  I almost guarantee it will make you smile too.  Have fun and tangle some too!   Jane x


  1. You are a remarkably talented woman!

  2. I LOVE those little bags. They are so cute!

  3. hello jane! i'm absolutely crazy over your sweet little crochet bags.....oh my goodness, how fabulous they are!! and your spinning wheel reminds me of the one my little dutch sweetie's mother has. she is a weaver, and i've always been fascinated with her gorgeous artwork. i think it must be so satisfying to spin the yarn that you use in your own projects!

    and you are the sweetest of the sweet to include a link to my blog in your nice post today......thank you SO much, dear bloggy gal!! that was a truly wonderful surprise, and put a big smile on my face today!! xox