Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Challenge to make someone's day.

I have been watching everyone's weekly Diva Challenges  - they are great, fantastic and very inspiring.  But ... I don't see much else on your blog sites anymore ...    I thought I would offer my own challenge to you all!

Create a Zentangle tile (you know the ones - lol) 
You don't have to sign the back if you don't want to ... but add the date~! Make sure you take a picture. 

Then the next time you are walking down the street, stop someone and give it to them with a smile and tell them it is for them and wish them a great day!  If you don't feel comfortable doing this, or it is not safe to do it where you live - give it to someone you know.

Create a Zentangle for no reason other than to make someone you don't know smile!

Post your picture to your blog ... you can link back here if you like and tell us what the reaction was and how it made "you" feel.

Make more than one if you like.

Jane x


  1. This is a lovely idea Jane. I have considered leaving a zentangle tile here or there, especially now that I have a sizeable stack of them! We'll see what transpires...

  2. I've done something similar .... I carry around little mini prints of my work and every once in awhile I'll meet someone, we get to chatting and I find myself reaching into my purse and giving them a "I'm lucky to have made a new friend today" gift ... the response has been 100% positive.

  3. I have been doing this for a long time, but then I have a GAZILLION tiles....and they alway bring a surprised smile like you gave them a precious stone.......I love it. Have fun everyone, this is a great challenge! thanks Jane maria

  4. Great suggestion to take some positive action with the art we create, spreading joy & smiles is the best idea!

    Btw, I'm glad to hear you speak of this - I've observed the same on blogs I *used* to frequent, which I don't anymore because of their sameness.

  5. Wonderful idea. I have some bookmarks I will share at the library. It is always fun to move in a new direction.