Sunday, 18 September 2011

Almost done

 Been a productive weekend ... this is the Macaw ... nearly finished now.

I thought I would go through what I had done, but am too tired ... some of the steps are shown below.   I might come edit it in the next few days and put in more of the base layer photos.

I am really happy how he pops off the page.   You know, I really didn't know that I could draw like this - well I knew I could draw - but not like this with coloured pencils ... I really do love it a lot - very satisfying.
Enjoy.  Jane
 Beak finished, doing more layering on the feather areas.   The beak has maybe 10 layers of colour.
 More layering on the feathered areas ... I ended up putting about 12 layers down.
 The black chest feathers are done and I am starting to put the feather details in on the orange/green areas.  Also more on the face ... lots of wrinkles on that face.
 A close up of the nearly finished pic...forgot to turn the flash off so the beak/face looks a bit washed out.
My work space


  1. I just love your macaw! He is so realistic looking. It's amazing how you are able to get the tiny feathers to look so real.

  2. Wow. You got him done fast, and he's gorgeous

  3. Beautiful job on your macaw! I had no idea that colored pencils could be so vibrant looking.