Sunday, 18 April 2010


The front of my Tangle Album ... I need to seal it now as the white gel pen will rub off if I don't.

I like this random ribbony thing - now what can I call this ... any suggestions?

This one is last night's effort while watching Batman Returns ... well I was in the same room, not really watching.  The best batman is George Clooney IMHO!

This is one I did quite a few years ago now ... I like to draw a string on an A5 sheet of paper, then do my drawing, then cut it up.   My header picture is made up of a few of these drawings.

And, last but not least, another page in my ideas journal ... Mendhi anyone?   There are wonderful pattern ideas from many cultures - just think outside of the box and you will be surprised at what you can come up with.

Happy Tangling for now .... Jane x


  1. Thank you for sharing your ideas journal, it looks as though its full of inspiration!!

  2. I love your idea journal ! I have one as well but not as tidy as yours is. I am planning to create a new one as I am outgrowing the one I started with ! LOL!! Darn.. I hate it when that happens ! Love your blogspot. I just popped over after seeing you at Sheelys blogspot !! Following you both now ... hugs from across the pond !!

  3. Love your idea journal!! It has become an inspiration for a newbie to Zentangles like me. I gotta ask, what type of white gel pen do you use? Mine never turn out so white. I also like the photo album idea. I have a few tangles displayed in a set of small Ikea box frames. I'm following your blog now, loving to see all that you have done.