Sunday, 25 April 2010

Thanks Maria and Rick

A big thankyou to those wonderful zentanglers Maria and Rick from Zentangle - they have put my little journal cover on their blog - you can check their post out .here ... I am honoured to be on their Links list.  I look like the Cheshire Cat who has had the cream!

Here are some of my tangles from the weekend ... this one was amazing because when I finished it ... I saw it looked like a "J" - it must be that subconsious thing again - lol!

Trying out a couple of new (to me) patterns ... the long round flowers and those wavey things in the middle  - not sure what you call them ... but I finally worked out how to draw them after Rick posted a post with some of these in his drawing. 

And as a longarm machine quilter ... I can't go past feathers ... they look great.

Happy Tangling .... Jane x