Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Entangled Zentangles

I drew this yesterday (while having my breakfast cup of tea) I hadn't really thought about "entangle" until I did this -  but it really does fit, because the dictionary states that entangle means to make tangled or intricate; to catch among obstacles..(not the exact quote here).

So Zentangle really does have multiple meanings and applications .... this tangle really goes with the next one I have to show you ....

It's not neat, and is really quite too busy ... but Maria's "edgy" tangle in the garlic patch inspired me to do this and to say thank you at the same time ... What do you think?    I would like to re-do this one.

Another pretty leafy one.

Here I thought I would try some new patterns - the "laced" pattern from Mary Elizabeth Martin, and "Stoic" from Zentangle.   The circle grid and beehives are my own.

And last but not least, Maria's "Well appointed" zentangle has inspired me to show you this ATC that  did a few years ago now.   It is a portrait of my husband, drawn with just points. He really does have quite large eyes and features and I have found it very difficult to capture a nice drawing of him, but this one seems to work.  At least it is recognizable as him - lol!

Happy tangling for now ... Jane x


  1. Jane! I love your blog! I really do like the "Z"entangle and the explanation.
    I'm also enjoying seeing how the tangle "laced" is being used ~ I like how you used it as a string.
    I don't think your "thank you" tangle is "not neat" or "too busy," I like it the way it is.
    Thank you for sharing! Beautiful work.

  2. I agree that the "not neat"/"too busy" tanlge is just fine - LOL - most of mine fall into that category - I was beginning to think I was doing it "wrong" so it's nice to see someone's art that I admire looking this way as well. You're blog is a daily visit. Thanks