Sunday, 6 February 2011

Decorated Zentangle Inspired Letters

 The Auction items for the QLD Flood Appeal have all been mailed off and the funds have been directly paid to the Premiers Appeal for the QLD Floods ... total raised by my auctions was $865 - thanks to everyone who participated.

I realised I hadn't shown you the finished items .... so here they are

Chrisee asked for a "C" with some silver highlights - I hope you like it Chrisee.

Nancy asked for an "N" and I hope you like this too Nancy.

The Zentangle kit was received with great delight and the quilt I auctioned was also well received by the new owner.   I really hope you all enjoy your auction items ... it is a great thing you have done by bidding on these and donating to a much needed fund.

Let me know ladies when your Alphabet letters arrive in the mail.

Happy Tangling ... Jane x


  1. Jane, your work is really breathtaking. A fantastic sense of balance between(or is it betweed?) light and dark , composition and beauty. Love your letters. Hope all is well in your part of this world. Maria

  2. That "N" is iNcredible! So wonderful your art raised so much money!

  3. Such great art for such a great casue

  4. I wonder how many days it will take from Tasmania to Port Lincoln...oooo...I sure will let you know Jane....they both look great!!!