Friday, 25 February 2011

Taming Tangles with Colour

 Adding colour is something that I love to do.  It gives those tangles more dimension, a playful feel if you will.

I started with "J"
Then came R ... I love how my pattern "Swirly Blossom" looks coloured in with the background of  "Printemps", add in a few "Zingers", "Nouveau", "Tadpegs" and it is done.  Then I thought about just using colour to do the tangles ... so A appeared from the end of my pencils. I used "Tadpegs", "Fern", "Nerfy", "Finery", "Verdigogh" and "Sedgling".  A mix of my own patterns and the official Zentangle patterns.

In these three drawings I have used  Black 005 and 01 Pigma pens, Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and Prismacolor Pencils.  I am still a bit miffed that my box of Prismacolor Pencils have lots of broken lead in them - this is the second box - I figure the postage process must not be very good for them!

Then an "R" with both graphite and colour shading.  I have also used a Black 01 Pigma pen and a pale grey Staedtler Triplus Fineliner with a touch of Blue Prismacolour pencil.

I do love the colour, but I like the simplicity of B&W tangles. 

Happy Tangling everyone ... have a nice weekend ... Jane x


  1. Such beautiful, beautiful work.

    I have a set of both regular and water-soluble Prismacolors, and have had mucho problems with broken leads. I've always got them in the store, and the leads continued to break as I use them. Some people swear by them, but I'll never buy them again.

  2. love your tangles Jane...sooo delicate doubt about is one clever little chickie...

  3. Hi Jane! The touch of color is really, really, pretty - I like the subtleness of the blue in the tangles behind the R.
    Patty CZT - 4