Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Look what arrived yesterday ....

 A huge A3 sized Moleskine Water colour Notebook ... yep A3 - 72 pages of 200gsm beautiful paper.

And a little baby one too!

I have put the Micron pen there so you can see the sizes.   www.bookdepository.com.uk  (free postage worldwide and pretty good prices too!) (wish I was affiliated with them, because they have a heap of my money - lol!)

 I couldn't resist that huge expanse of creamy thick paper and started to draw last night.   This book will be my own journal of bigger drawings - for posterity I think!

Not to be egotistical but I would like something of my art to remain for my family when I am gone ... what better way to do it than in a beautiful book form.
I have another little one and I use it to keep all my own patterns in ... I know you haven't seen some of these ones.   I currently have over 60 patterns of my own design and more in my head waiting to jump onto paper.

So there you have it ... a quick visit to the book depository online and I have a couple of beautiful Moleskines to draw in ... what more could a girl want (other than pens of course!)

Happy Tangling for now ... Jane x


  1. I have so many journals I'll never fill them all, but they are a weakness. When I go to an art store and walk past one on the shelf and it jumps into my hands and sticks to me like glue until I get to the check out counter. When I order supplies on line, they just appear in my order. My husband doesn't believe me, but it's true! Lol! Well, maybe it's an exaggeration.

  2. Your children and grandchildren will treasure your art journals. What a nice part of yourself to leave them.

  3. I don't think it's egotistical Jane...it makes sense to leave something of you for future generations to enjoy and wonder at...you have too much talent, so let others see it....too often too many people leave this world with no reminders of themselves...I was only thinking about this very thing this morning..none of my family have any of my quilting or art to keep....it's all been given away to strangers...I will have to rectify this, hey...lol

  4. What treasures you will have!! I did not realize Moleskines came that large and in watercolor paper - I am running right over to that link!!! TFS

  5. I think we all need to feel that our art and interests, those things that we feel make us an individual, will somehow live on after us. To leave your mark in a book for later generations does not seem egotistical but loving and sharing.

  6. As soon as I saw your A3 moleskin I hopped right into action and bought myself one along with several different sizes. I love Moleskin books. I bought my very first one at the end of last year and took it with me on vacation earlier this year with a water brush and Twinkling H20's and it was amazing! Well I am off to figure out just how many tiles I can get on one page and start tangling away.