Monday, 14 February 2011

Zentangle Galaxies

I have been working on this piece over the weekend on and off and 2 hours today at the doctors saw it finished.    I had images of worlds and galaxies full of Zentangles whirling through my mind.  I like it.
And last week I added some colour to the front page of my A3 journal.   Still considering colouring the letters in red or grey ... not sure yet.

Happy Valentines Day to everyone ... hope your sweeties bring you flowers and kind words....Jane x


  1. And to think that they both started of being white....oooo lots of inking in of the background.....very nice...and the top one also in your A3 journal by the shape of the drawing area?

  2. Great fun! The colored one, especially, looks like bubbles.
    It reminds me of the "Orbs" piece I posted on my blog recently. You can see it at
    Hearts to you,

  3. These are awesome. My kind of tangles. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are just as beautiful as the rest of your work. I like your aesthetic!

  5. Jane - I love this - How do you make your circles? Are you using a template? And if so which one?

  6. Thank you everyone ... Sue I use a Circle template (Celco No.C67 by Jasco PtyLtd) It has lots of sizes ... I used to use it for drawing applique circles for quilting and thought I would use it with Zentangles because I have it. Anything would do ... WIth the bigger circles I used the bottom of a cone of thread because it was the "right" size for me. Happy to use anything that makes life (and drawing) easier.
    Happy Tangling for now ... Jane x

  7. Jane, love the circles! I haven't tried anything like that usual you have inspired me!