Tuesday, 19 October 2010


 Rick and Maria's Zentangles ... this was very special - a visit to the home of Zentangles and all this entails.  I really appreciate why they only have the Certified Zentangle Teacher training in Whitinsville, MA.  Anywhere else and it wouldn't be the same.  Going to Rick and Maria's is almost like a pilgrimage, it has certainly changed my outlook and ideas about Zentangle.  I say the following without meaning to be self-serving ... but taking a class from a CZT will be much much better than taking a class from someone who says they can teach Zentangle.  The reason for this is that the training has something special that anyone who hasn't done it cannot understand.  The underlying  and supporting structure of creating Zentangle is really quite wonderful and you won't get this from just anyone!

So I have to tell you all that I am the Only Certified Zentangle Teacher in Tasmania, Australia.  There are three of us CZT's in Australia now - two lovely ladies from Melbourne also attended the training with me in MA. 

This is Maria, Terri (from Oakhurst Retreat Centre) and Rick - checking out the light for the group photo!
Rick and Maria are such a riot - great people, great fun and wonderful hospitality - Maria is a fabulous cook too!  Rick introduced me to Soft cheese with Honey and Maria added to that with Blue Cheese topped with honey and chillie flakes - oh divine with a good wine!  Oh and they teach mean Zentangles too!

I can't thank them enough ... I had a wonderful few days with them and all the other people training with me.  Hi everyone out there in blog land from CZT #4.
I am home after a marathon 39 hours of travel and waiting - thank goodness for Velocity Members lounge in Sydney where I refuelled and had a long needed shower before heading off on my last flight to Launceston and home to my family.    I am having a few days down time to get myself together and then I am back quilting and teaching.

If you are interested I have a Beginners Class at Adult Ed Launceston on the 7th of November.
I will be booking a room for a Beginner and and Advanced class in Launceston for November as well - email me if you are interested in attending.
I have a booking for March 2012 for NSW.   Yes, this means I will travel to teach a class - anywhere in Australia as long as we have the numbers for a good class.  
I will be doing 2.5 hour classes as well as full day and weekend retreats
I can be contacted at jane@purrfectlyquilted.com.au for further information.

Okay ... a nice cup of tea and some Tangling for me ... oh I have a little story about that for you .. tomorrow!
Jane x


  1. I am very envious of your trip having discovered Zentangles on the web earlier this year and treating myself to a kit. How many would you consider to be good numbers for a class?

  2. So glad you made it home safe. Was so good to put a warm body to the face of Jane Monk. I told you I would start commenting on your blog so you would know who was out there. See my blog at inkidoodls.blogspot.com

  3. Lucky you to have had a class with the inventors of Zentangles.I love, love, love doing them. I draw every day, and can't wait to get to the next one!!

  4. Your trip to MA sounds so wonderful, when you get your feet on the ground we must catch up, I am home also!

  5. Glad you are home safe and sound - so glad to have met you, seen your wonderful quiltes and spent good time with you in MA. I think you comments regarding the training says it all. It just would not be able to recreate that experience anywhere else. Good luck with your upcoming classes.

  6. Love your display in the picture for today. Is it in your studio, or a classroom? <3 Terri

  7. This is my first comment on any blog - ever. Overoming my "fear" I just wanted to agree with you about the experience in Whitinsville with Rick and Maria and YOU. You were so fun and generous and encouraging, as were all my classmates in CZT #4. I'll be anxious to hear about your new classes and how you're applying the new info.

  8. Hi Jane! I am so happy that you were able to get to the USA for CZT training - what a treasured experience that must have been. [smile] I hope (one day) to save enough to get to a CZT course (I saw they've one in Feb and one in May scheduled so far). Next time I'm in the north of the State, let's meet... perhaps even eat soft chees with honey [grin]. Happy tangling, Kit (Hobart)