Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Owl & The Pussycat

 How could I resist such a beautiful little owl ... I just had to put Zentangle patterns on it ... very cute indeed!
 Side view ... still working on the back!
 And Jet the pussycat ... keeping a very very close eye on that owl lest it start flying!
Another little Zentangle drawing ... the rope pattern was designed by one of the 'CZT's in our class with Rick and Maria of Zentangle - now I didn't write her name down ... but it is a great pattern - tell me if it was you!

Happy Tangling....Jane x


  1. I love your tangle creations... composition and flair. This 'rope' pattern has me baffled... can't seem to reproduce it. Will keep trying.
    ~ It was so nice to meet you in Whitinsville! What a fabulous surprise for me... as it was YOU who 'introduced' me to Zentangle over a year ago, although you didn't know it! And for that, Jane, I am most grateful.

  2. I love the owls and zentangles. gorgeous.....

  3. Owl is wonderful - what have you used to draw on the ceramic?