Thursday, 21 October 2010

My Journey In Zentangles

 This was done prior to leaving Australia ... it is nice where a Tangled String can take you - this lovely lady turned up without any provication and I think represents my travels well.
 I arrived in Whitinsville earlier than anyone else did - so had a day to settle down and do some tangling.
 I had fun ... as you can see
 The next evening and days were busy doing CZT class with everyone.
 Leaving on the 16th and waiting at Boston's Logan airport for quite a few hours.  President Obama flew into Boston while I was there - didn't get to see him though!

 The next few are while on the 6 hour flight from Boston to SanFrancisco ... I think I converted the fellow sitting next to me ... he was going to go home and Google "Zentangle".   Interesting fellow who visited Australia a lot to go scuberdiving on the Barrier Reef.

 On the long haul from San Francisco to Sydney

Crossing the International Date Line
and the second perhaps I was inspired by flying for so long over the ocean - it does have a marine flavour to it don't you think.
 We went through a few bits of turbulance ... really freaks some people out - me included at times when it got a bit rough.
 International travel in economy is like being a sardine in the slipstream ... you think you can tell this by my

And then landing in Sydney ... it was beautiful to come around over Western Sydney and see the Blue Mountains,then over Paramatta into the city and see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House - certainly made me feel like I was home (I used to live in Sydney for awhile with my husband and my son was born there too)

 I love this Tangle ... Making Connections - the three flights I took to get home to Launceston .. I might work on this one to make a bigger fine art picture.

And the second one here is home after a lovely long sleep.
 A closer look at connections - yes I really do like this one.
 This is a Zentangle inspired drawing of the Sydney Opera House - can you tell - lol!

As I was flying over it I noticed the shadow of pattern tiles on the building and came home to see if I could find a closer picture of it ... the tiles have a real pattern to them - this is a rough interpretation of my new Zentangle pattern .. I will post it with steps at a later date.   It was quite easy to deconstruct the pattern and modify it as a tangle.
Maria Thomas wrote on my mini kit box ... isn't it cute!

I really hope you have enjoyed looking at this very long long picture heavy post and my Journey in Zentangles.

Happy Tangling ... Jane x


  1. Jane,

    I like Connections too!

    I think Zentangles look like applique plus rather than just quilting lines ..... I guess like many other styles of art and design we each see how we would interpret something in our favourite mediums and techniques.

    Judy B

  2. wow, you have been busy. They all look awesome.

  3. Inspiration was flowing (or should I say flying) with a spectacular flair!

  4. Lovely tangles (as always) today - a feast for the eyes - just noticed you are doing the sketchbook project - what's your theme? Hope to get to the exhibit when it's in San Fran. Suzanne

  5. Jane love the way your tangles tell of movement. Like your uniqueness. Thanks for sharing.