Sunday, 24 October 2010

Something A Little Different

 I have been playing with Zentangle pattern borders ... I could make them exact or have the lovely freedom of the "organic" look - I like both precision and freeflowing ... this one is the freeflowing type!

 Trying a few twists to patterns ... I love the big black bubbles - they remind me of tadpole eggs.
A darker border ...

I have been informed by my "Quality Control" person (ie - Dear Husband) that I should be quilting because that is what I had planned on doing today ... so I guess I am off to do that now instead of playing on the computer.


  1. Love the fill-in you did on Huggins on the last photo - very cool.

  2. Love all of these, Jane. The last one with the filled in border really gives the tangle such depth inside a puffed up looking border-fantastic!

  3. I wonder what your quality controler was supposed to be doing...
    <3 terri

  4. I must tell you that my Quality Controller was installing the new kitchen benches that he made last week - some nice Tasmanian oak ... that was the problem - he was working and I was skyving off - lol!