Thursday, 11 November 2010

City Divas

I though you might like to see my drawing "City Divas"  ... can you see which ones are the "Divas"?.   I haven't got to the shading on this one yet. 

I have sprained my wrist and drawing and quilting is slow, actually stopped at the moment until my wrist heals .. hopefully not too long.

Enjoy and keep on Tangling ... Jane x


  1. love it..clever little miss, aren't ya?? lol hope your wrist is better real soon...

  2. great time to try left-handed tangling. Really! It is such a trip! You think it is going to be horrid...until it is complete and you hold it at arm's length.......give it a try! It opens up a whole new world. It also gives you insight to what first-time tanglers face with the uncertainty of being able to do this. Hope you feel better soon. Great excuse to have people wait on you!. Nancy broke her foot in the studio recently and it make you remember how much we depend on the little things in life. Maria

  3. I'm a novice at ZT and find your art inspiring. I'm a follower!!