Monday, 15 November 2010

New Tangle? Japanese Roof Tile and Header Drawings

 I've been trying to come up with a header for my Zentangle blog etc ... this one is too busy and I wasn't happy with all the components ... still nice, but not quite right!
 Some Zentangles done in my notebook awhile ago
Some more Zentangles ... I love the one on the right ... I call it Japanese roof pattern as I saw a photo of a Japanese roof and it looked sort of like rounded tiles ... don't know if this has been made into a Zentangle pattern yet ... maybe I should "publish" it.

My hand is getting better ... still gets sore when I use it for any amount of time, so lots of contemplation going on - lol!   I have to get back to the quilting machine today.

Happy Zentangling everyone ... Jane x


  1. Love your tile pattern, looks like my roof of metal tiles - a "hundred year roof". I also love the design that is "too busy". Use it for a while, then change it to something else for a while. I've been reading blogs for years now, and notice that the gals do change out their headers every once in a while.
    <3 terri

  2. You're truly skilled. These works of art will look better if you put some colors on it. I like the Japanese roof pattern. It looks so alive that you can almost imagine it moving.