Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Shading the Big Tangle

 This has been a whole lot of fun ... now I am up to the Shading and tweaking part of the drawing.

To my eye it looks balanced and pleasing (remember everyone has different ideas about what looks good - so what I like may not be what you like)

I am not technical with the shading ... I just do what I think looks good.  I know there are rules and all, but I will not be following any text book shading rules here ... just what I like!

I have started a little and will post another picture when I am partially complete.
Here is a picture before I finished all the inking.

Enjoy ... Jane x


  1. Jane ~ this is wonderful ~ thank you for sharing the process!

  2. Jane these are just horrible! Just kidding....ab fab. love the paradoxities in the bottom corner.....too cool........M