Monday, 15 November 2010

Two New Patterns from Jane Monk Studio - TadPegs & Slates

I have drawn up some new patterns.

I saw a photograph of some Japanese Roof Tiles and loved how they nested together.  So I bring you "Slates"

I have been using this little pattern for awhile now ... I really love how it looks.  It reminds me of frogs eggs ... so tadpoles, hence the name "TadPegs"

I hope you enjoy these two patterns ... I couldn't keep them to myself any longer ... too exciting to share things!

Enjoy .... Jane x


  1. Thanks for posting these. Slates is a definite keeper! Will be using it the next chance I get.

  2. Strictly speaking these are roofing tiles. Slates are flat. (My son was a roofing supervisor for years.) But what's in a name. They are wonderful by any name. And the little frog eggs are delish! <3 Terri

  3. Hi Jane

    Jane a took one of your classes in Adelaide and enjoyed it so much have really gained some interest in zentangles and have kept an eye on your sight ever since and l cant help but admire your work it is fantastic !!!!

    Regards Lee