Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Progression of the Big Tangle

 And  a little bit more .... why do I wake up in the middle of the night and feel compelled to draw?

So ... here I have drawn a few more of my solid lines.
 Marked in some ideas in pencil for fillers
some of those pencil filler ideas have been erased (sorry Rick and Maria - using an eraser in this one!)  Note: you don't need an eraser to draw Zentangle inspired drawings - there is no eraser in life!

Okay ... you can see how I am trying to get the spherical shapes in the background without them being "drawn" in ... I am using light and dark patterns to give an effect ... also to bring those sweeping lines in - like an illusion.   That's the idea anyway ... hope it is working.

You can see how I have used Rick's Paradox tangle in the spiderweb down in the left hand corner - I really like that!

So ... tell me what you think .. I'd love to know!

Cheers for now ... Jane x


  1. It's looking gorgeous and very complex! Thanks so much for sharing the steps... I am new to zentangle and enjoy seeing the process as well as the completed project. I would love to know how or why people choose to fill in certain areas with a specific pattern.

  2. Jane, these are just gorgeous! You are so multitalented.

  3. A big project, but so enjoyable from the look of this one.

  4. I love how the 'orb flower' is mirrored at the top of the piece. Breat balance. Paradox is fantastic where/how yoiu have used it