Saturday, 6 November 2010

Not Mowing the Lawn

 Today I went for a ride and I thought I would share a picture of my ride with you all ... I haven't been on my motorbike since March this year.  It really made me realise how much I love riding my motorbike.  The funny thing is that I was thinking how I could tangle it ... oh my ... that would get me in trouble - lol!

You can see how long our lawn is getting and we should have been out mowing the lawn ... but it will wait another day, right?

 I wore my official Zentangle T-shirt ... thought about putting a stick on tattoo on (we were going on the Motorcycle Riders Association Awareness Ride today - a turn out of about 400 riders)
And last night I did a little bit more of my drawing ... had my mother and brother over for dinner (yummy Moroccan Lemon Chicken in the tagine - I could eat this all the time - it was nicer last night - I think the lemons were more lemony - does that make sense)

Have a great tangling weekend everyone ... Jane x


  1. Glad you got out on your bike - I think a nice tangle or two on the saddlebags would be lovely. Can't wait to see them!

  2. Your big tangle is so incredible, so dimensional, so beautiful, wow! i am enjoying your blog, lenna

  3. Jane, your large tangle is just stunning-love it!

  4. Jane, you tangle that bike! I recently bought a 92 Heritage Softail with flat black paint, I will be zentangling it in white before spring! Thanks for sharing the picture of your bike, and I really enjoy your site, thank you for the inspiration! I will be looking for the zentangled bike on the road! Melissa