Sunday, 16 January 2011

Fabric Postcard Class

 Yesterday I taught a short class at Cranberry Crafts in Ulverstone ... Fabric Postcards.   This is really a techniques class ... but you get to take somthing home that you have made on the day.    I must say these ladies all had lots of fun and bring to the class their own set of fantastic ideas and skills.  Even I learnt something... a great suggestion was to use an overlocker to do the edges of the postcards ... cut and stitch at the same time - what a great idea, especially if you are doing a whole bunch of them like for Christmas cards etc.
Thanks girls for a wonderful day.

I thought I was going to be late as the back highway I take to get there was closed and it was 10km back to the next connecting road ... my dear husband got me there on time - glad he drives me sometimes.

These are a small sample of my own postcards ... I have been having fun combining Zentangle onto the fabric ... there are three here.
 We started our class doing some tea dying - a great start and gives people some time to settle down and put their minds in gear for the class.   I know it helps me to do something short and fun to start a class.
 This is one of my Zentangle inspired fabric postcards.  I have used William Morris as my inspiration for these leafy beauties ... I could wax lyrical about his work ... but I won't, suffice to say I love his style and Michelle Hill for introducing it to the quilting world.
This is another of my Zentangle style postcards ... I am really liking this a lot.

I use just normal fabric (quilters muslin here that I have tea dyed) and a Sakura Pigma Micron pen in 01 size... black and brown (I sell them on my web site if you are interested).

Okay that was my day yesterday.    I have been amazed at the bidding on the items I am auctioning and thank you all for your comments and bids ... it is wonderful that Toni from Make It Perfect has attracted so many different auctions - we have a great choice of items to bid on and I think the master list is up tonight ... check out her blog for more information.    Make It Perfect

By the way, I am nearly finished the Zentangle inspired letter that I am auctioning ... I only have to add the winning bidders letter and do some shading ... so will post a pic of this tomorrow.

Happy Tangling for now ... Jane x


  1. This is really beautiful, Jane - your first one just blows my mind.

  2. Love the postcards! Thanks for sharing!