Friday, 28 January 2011

Picture Fest of what I have been up to

Obviously I have been Tangling up a storm as usual ... I can't seem to put that pen down .. can you?

I have been playing with my own patterns and official Zentangle patterns ... in my field journal notebook doing borders and letters ... surprise surprise!

 A few full page drawings...

 And some one Tangle pattern borders ... these could be very useful - especially for journaling or scrapbooking!

This pattern is a variant I came up with from the Zentangle pattern "Braze"  and "Striping" 

 This one is using my pattern "Tadpegs"  very cute I think.
 "Knightsbridge" with a little BTL Joose (Sandy Bartholomews pattern)
 This one is full of my patterns and some Zentangle patterns..

A few new ones for me in there too!
 "Betweed" with my "Tadpegs"  ... and if you look closely I have been using a hint of colour ... have you tried the Derwent Graphitint pencils - they are divine ... graphite with pigment ...  I will be using these more and more I think.
 This one is purely "Striping" - an official Zentangle pattern.
 "Knase" also an official Zentangle pattern.

And I have been tidying up sorting my bits into some stackable draw tubs ... very handy with the Dymo tape machine too! 

 And on Australia Day I went fishing with my husband ... beautiful weather and we caught 3 lovely sized Brown Trout.   (Well I supervised as I don't have a fishing licence but I will next time!)
 The first trout...
 What I get to look at while fishing - lol!

I have a captive audience and can talk about anything I like - isn't that funny. 

And no it isn't a Hawthorn supporters beanie that he has on ... he had it years and years ago.

Jet sleeping  on the quilty bits (my quilty bits - test bits that I have been playing with on the quilt machine awhile ago now - so very cat useable).

So happy Tangling for now ... have a lovely weekend everyone.    Cheers Jane x


  1. Hi Jane, you have given us some lovely ideas for borders, your notebook must be looking sensational!

  2. Love your borders, Jane. I've got to play some with those Tadpegs - they're adorable! What would we do without our Moleskines?! [smile]

  3. P.S. hopefully I'll get up to Launceston soon - and we can meet for coffee. :-)

  4. Holy cow! What wonderful borders. I love the little touches that give a delightful surprise, breaking the expected pattern.

  5. Jane, you give me lots of inspiration!

  6. Jane, your borders are all so beautiful! I can see that I need to do some border work-looks fun. I love to fish with my hubby too!

  7. Those border pages look so crisp and clean with such intricate work ensconcing a broad white space. I'm such a huge fan of your tangles - I don't think I've done a tile in the past two weeks without at least one popping up - and I enjoy learning new ways to use them when I come 'round here.

  8. Hello, how nice to hear from you all ... out of the 500 times this posting has been viewed since yesterday - you chose to say hi ... thank you ladies it does make it seem as though I am not talking to myself - although I do at a bit - lol!
    Happy Tangling ... Jane x

  9. Spectacular - as usual - looks like you had some fun fishing as well - gotta be a pattern there too?

  10. no doubt about ya girl...your drawings are sensational..just think you is soo clever...

  11. Thanks for sharing your work, Jane - it's gorgeous! You have a great sense of style and composition.